Summer is the perfect opportunity to explore the arts! Our Summer After 5 programming can be a great way to try something new or a way to keep your skills sharp. HCA offers a variety of group classes and private music lessons for children, teens and adults.

Please note that all group classes are on Tuesday afternoons/evenings.

Ballet | Contemporary |Hip Hop | Art | Acting |  Music


Creative Ballet (Ages 3-5)

HCA Creative Ballet classes nurture a sense of imagination and love of dance that is inherent in young children. Classes are designed to instill fundamental dance skills and develop coordination and posture in a fun, age appropriate way.

July 5 – August 23
Instructor: Heather Ami Cook

Cost: $160.80

Novice Ballet (Ages 6-8)

A great way to keep dancing over the summer or an opportunity to try something new! Our Novice Ballet class focuses on the development of musicality and technique, and on fostering a love and enjoyment of dance.

July 5 – August 23
5:30pm- 6:30pm
Instructor: Heather Ami Cook

Cost: $176.00

Adult Beginner Ballet (Ages 16+)

Follow your passion and learn the fundamentals of ballet in a supportive environment. Improve strength and flexibility, and learn exercises for good posture, turnout, and proper positioning for hands and feet.

July 5 – August 23
6:30pm – 7:30pm
Instructor: Heather Ami Cook

Cost: $176.00


Adult Contemporary (Ages 16+)

Contemporary dance fuses jazz, ballet and modern techniques with elements of improvisation and creative movement. Dancers will explore how to express themselves freely and learn new choreography.

July 5 – August 23
7:30pm- 8:30pm
Instructor: Heather Ami Cook

Cost: $176.00


Novice Combo(Ages 6-8)

Students are introduced to the basic concepts of rhythm and movement to fun music. They learn about body and spatial awareness, as well as basic hip hop and jazz techniques. Students will explore different types of basic hip hop and jazz choreography as well as develop the confidence to freestyle.

July 5 – August 23
5:00pm – 6:00pm
Instructor: Rachel Romanoski

Cost: $176

Junior Hip Hop (Ages 9-12)

Students will build strength and creativity, and learn to express themselves in this high-energy class! Gain an understanding of hip hop culture through fun and challenging dance moves.

July 5 – August 23
6:00pm – 7:00pm
Instructor: Rachel Romanoski

Cost: $176

Adult Hip Hop (Ages 16+)

This course focuses on hip hop technique blended with urban groove and contemporary movement. Enjoy a very positive and high-energy environment to learn, move and get a good workout!

July 5 – August 23
7:00pm – 8:00pm
Instructor: Rachel Romanoski

Cost: $176.00


Intro to Animation (Ages 9-12)

Learn the basics of animation, from phenakistoscopes and zoetropes (fancy words for simple devices) to stop motion software, in a relaxed, creative, explorative setting.  We’ll work on individual and group projects, discuss our work and explore the magic of animation throughout history, especially class favourites.  We’ll work on a combination of student-led productions and assignments developed to explore different skills and techniques.  If you love animation and want to give it a try, or if you’ve already started exploring and experimenting but want to learn more, this class will have something for you to set your mind to!

July 19 – August 23 (6 weeks)
5:00pm – 6:30pm
Instructor: Annie Webber

Cost: $193.50

Art Journaling (Ages 16+)

Connect with your creativity through the practice of art journaling!  This relaxed course will focus on self expression and build your skills in a variety of media including watercolour, collage, printmaking, pen and ink, and pastels.  We’ll explore a new way to create pages in your journal each week, as well as work together on fun, laidback group projects.  Creative self expression is for everyone, and this course will build students’ understanding of their own creativity, offering new ideas and techniques in community, so that everyone’s creative practice can grow!

July 19 – August 23 (6 weeks)
6:30pm- 8:00pm
Instructor: Annie Webber

Cost: $193.50


Intro to Improv for Adults (Ages 16+)

This new introductory course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of improv. You’ll be given all the tools you need to perform & grow – both on stage and in everyday life:
  • Improve performance and confidence
  • Practice team-building skills and risk taking
  • Learn to let go fear and trust your imagination
No matter your performance skill level – be it a newbie or veteran of the stage – there is something to discover in a fun and playful environment!

July 5th-26th (4 weeks)
6:00-8:00 PM
Instructor: Kristian Reimer

Cost: $168.20

Intro to Acting for Adults (Ages 18+)

August 2 – 23 (4 weeks)
6:00-8:00 PM
Instructor: Zachary

Cost: $168.20


Private Music Classes

We offer private music instruction for kids, teens, and adults! Please email to request an instructor or inquire about scheduling or pricing. Instructor rates vary between approximately $22-$28 per 30 minutes.


Michael Andrushko

Lauren Cho

Frances Gower

Kasia Gasior

Irina Jacob


Helen Hong

Flute/Piccolo (and Beginner Piano)

Ivanna Monnar


Roland Fix

Celine Cascanette


Bill Majoros

“HCA is like a home away from home. A place to pursue your creative passion with amazing instructors and likeminded students.”
“The HCA is like a second home to me! I’ve been part of the HCA family first as a young dancer, and now well into my professional singing career. The teachers/coaches/mentors at HCA are easily the best in the GTA and they provide you with knowledge, training and support you need when going into the Fine Arts world as a young professional. I wouldn’t have wanted to train and perfect my craft anywhere else!”
“The Hamilton Conservatory is a really special place in our family. It’s a non-competitive environment where children’s love for dance, theatre, music, and arts are cultivated. We have met so many families and formed special friendships over the years because of HCA.”
“My daughters took their first dance steps at HCA and their first music classes here and have had amazing learning experiences in classes and at recitals. From the incredible level of instruction to the organization and professionalism of the administration, HCA is such a wonderful and special place for children of all ages to develop their artistic abilities. It really feels like home!”
“HCA has been a home to me for a decade. All the camps, classes, and programs have  formed my passion for the arts. Through this incredible place, I’ve formed friendships and memories that will last forever.  Everything that I’ve learned from the amazing teachers and staff members have shaped me and my passion for the arts. Thank you HCA for being my family.” 


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