HCA Artistic Director

Vitek Wincza

Vitek Wincza

Vitek Wincza graduated as a professional dancer from the State Ballet School in Gdansk, Poland. He has performed for the Musical Theatre of Gdynia, Poland; The Grand Opera; the Ballet Theatre of Lodz, Poland; and the National Dance Company “Mazowsze” where he toured throughout North America. After several successful performances in Hamilton Place, he decided to stay permanently in Canada. In 1982, after his defection, he ran and operated his own dance school in Burlington and Hamilton area.

In 1991, he became founder and Artistic Director of the Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble to provide talented young dancers the opportunity to perform with professional artists, dancers, musicians, composers, and choreographers.

During his artistic leadership, he created, choreographed, and produced full length productions such as the ballet “Snow White” with the original music score by Bogdan Pawlowski. After many successful performances in Canada, Snow White was invited to Kiev, Ukraine for an international theatre and dance festival and Mr. Wincza was awarded the silver medal for achievements in cultivating and maintaining the art of classical ballet by the Diaghlev Foundation, Moscow, Russia.

The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra commissioned Vitek to create and choreograph several performances geared towards young audiences such as “Babar the Elephant” and “The Carnival of the Animals” and more.

In 1993, he invited the Ballet di Napoli to dance the award winning ballet “Marco Polo” on a three city tour of Hamilton, Toronto and Montreal.

In 1995, Vitek approached choreographer Robert Desrosiers to create a modern dance version of “Pinocchio” for the Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble which toured extensively throughout Ontario and abroad.

In 1997, he created, choreographed, and produced the full length ballet “Hamilton Nutcracker” with 30 dancers from Kiev Ballet Theatre (Ukraine), the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, and 90 local dancers. It ran to the sold out capacity in Hamilton Place Theatre for 8 consecutive years.

Wincza has been Founder and Programming Director since 1996 or Culture for Kids in the Arts, a registered charitable organization dedicated to providing high quality arts experiences to children and youth, regardless of their financial circumstances, as well to promote and engage arts in education. To date, the CFKA has provided arts experiences in the school system to over 35,000 children and youth.

In 1996, the Government of Poland honoured Vitek with a cultural merit for outstanding contributions in the arts.

In 1997, Vitek revived the 100 years history of the Hamilton Conservatory of Music into the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts with over 100 programs in music, dance, drama, and visual arts.

In 2001, Vitek founded the HCA Dance Theatre, a non-profit organization which is dedicated to professional artists and the creation of new innovative works in dance, music, drama, and visual arts. Performances include Robert Desrosiers’ original choreographed “Circus Dream”, as well as “An Evening with Michael Ondaatje” with Oscar nominated (for the book “The English Patient”) Michael Ondaatje whose poetry was interpreted by the artists into dance and music for a truly unique unforgettable performance.

In 2004, the City of Hamilton awarded Vitek with The City of Hamilton Art Award for Dance.

In 2004, Vitek was the recipient of the WNED and Stueben Canadian Arts Award.

Hamilton’s Vision 2020 (1998); Honours from Moscow’s Diagliev Foundation (2003); City of Hamilton Dance award (2004); and the WNED Canadian Artist Award (Buffalo, NY, 2004).

Vitek Wincza is the Founder and Programming Director for Culture for Kids in the Arts (CKA), a registered charitable organization founded in 1999, dedicated to providing high quality arts experiences to children and youth, regardless of their financial circumstances. To date, CKA has provided arts experiences to over 40,000 children and youth.