Classical Realism Gallery

Susan Szabo
(Still-life with the yellow pear Technique of School of A.Ivanov).
Susan is devoted lover of Classical Art, she is a very talented painter exhibiting her works in variety Art galleries. her immense interest of learning is obvious she is also student of “Toronto Academy of Realist Art”. I love her devotion to Art and quest of achieving most finest details to its perfection. Through two semesters she learned and progressed through schools of Alexander Ivanov and Rembrandt.




Nicole Dolson
(Still-life with the yellow pear-“School of Alexander Ivanov”)
Being teacher herself, Nicole knows what it takes to learn. She is very passionate student, absolutely devoted to the Art and learning process. Being multitalented person coming from Music background- Nicole is in constant quest of learning, she is also a part time student of the “Academy of Realist Art” in Toronto. Through couple of sessions of the program showed a great perseverance and gained a lot of new approaches through this unique concentrated program. The Perfection in nature is the driven engine of her works, she knows that to show the way to the Perfection is the task of the teacher.



James Hunt

is a son of Janine Hunt piano teacher at the Conservatory
(Still life with the red textile).
James is a absolute beginner student joining the class of intermediate students was able to progress immensely in this environment. Great personality Loving Art and Artists was never ready to a serious quality of Art that he will be introduced. It is great result for the first experience in Art, the goal that he achieved in three semesters is a plan of the approach of each individual techniques studied over one year, he was able to gain the comfort zone and Excitement of looking forward to the next challenge.


Jenifer Lee

(Stil-life with the red textile-“School of Rembrandt”)
Jennifer is my student from 10 years ago. Jenifer is a rare kind of people that want to get it and get it now, she is very much over challenging herself through out the all process. The Attainment of the knowleges-is the ultimate goal. She demonstrated unbelievable enthusiasm and devotion to the subject. That it is why the results are very obvious. Like many of other students she knows what it takes to learn the knowlege. Nomether how hard it may be to go through learning, she is never afraid of difficulties, and she is always ready for them!



Diana Gordon

(stil-life with the Black tee pot and apple “School and techniques of Alexander Ivanov”).
Immensely passionate Artist, devoted student of Art, incredible personality that speaks through the Art. Diana went through the three sessions of Classical Realist studying. She was able to master the skill and the technique of drawing and painting, the knowledge that will help her with the right approach of the next project in her own studio space.









Peter Van Brakel

( Still-life with the red textile School of Rembrandt ).
Being Dutch of origin and in thesame time being Lover of Art Peter had natural interest to Old Masters techniques. Through this program he learned that there is no tomorrow- it is today, and the Great peace of art born here and now, that there is nothing impossible, it is just there is got to be right approach of the project. The result of last semester art project -speaks.










Reshad Muhamed

(Still-life study)
Reshad came to me last year in need of structure in the arts. He is an extremely talented student. Natural curiosity enabled him to ask many questions about the essence of the process. This quality propelled him significantly in the educating development process. I found Reshad to be a very passionate student who wants to get it things right away! By successfully completing a first year curriculum program of techniques of Alexander Ivanov, Rubens and Van Dyck and put himself on the map of one of the most accomplished students of his class. His painting speaks for itself! Great result for the first year! Way to go Reshad!










Sasha Slade
(Still-life with the bottle-School of Rembrandt )
By looking on her last project work, it is impossible to believe that this the work of the beginner Student. In six month happened a miracle transformation. Sasha is the without a doubt the most progressed student of this year program. This would not happened without her devotion to the learning process, her love and passion to Realist art, and hard work and perseverance.











Suzan Oberg
(Stil-life with the grapes-School of Rubens and Van Dyke).
Susan is passionate and attentive student. Possessive of the talent to produce high realistic image she is very meticulous her approach. She is devoted lover of nature and that translates in the high quality sophisticated images. During the time of the three semesters she showed great results in learning different techniques. She is looking forward to the next year program which is full of challenges and new discoveries.











Russell Jodway
(Still-life study)
Russell is an extraordinary person and Artist. His qualities combine, extreme passion and dedication. Teaching him was very pleasant and joyful. Russell still found there to be some important knowledge that he could use in his personal creative expressions. He found any “new-old” knowledge to be only helpful. He is himself an accomplished artist that realized that some of the structures will facilitate some improvement to his personal modern creations. I have my personal admiration of Artists and people that are in the constant quest of learning, and the ones that are not at a still mate, but constantly evolving. Two semesters showed that he could quite comfortably bring realistic art in his paintings.





Jillian Wisborg
(Still-life study)
Jillian was introduced to the arts as an absolute beginner. Through my first conversation with her, I found her to be exciting, extremely positive, energetic and enthusiastic. She was not afraid to embark on a journey in the Arts. She is very multi-talented, bright and charismatic. Her specific goal was to learn the structure of realistic art and use it as a tool. I found her fascination with Portraits quite remarkable, through human portrait and psychology through a mirror reflecting universe. Still life exercise by technique of Rubens and Van Dyck, was the ground breaking testament in her view of the process and significant step in attaining a comfort zone in the artistic craftsmanship.