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HCA Dance Theatre (HCADT) makes the art of dance visible and accessible to all Hamiltonians. Since 2001 we have been working to enrich the existing artistic and cultural landscape of Hamilton with a professional dance organization.

Since its inception HCA Dance Theatre has commissioned and presented innovative new dance works for Hamilton audiences. HCADT’s inaugural presentation in 2002 was An Evening with Michael Ondaatje; Dance & Poetry Unite which was a work commissioned by the company. The performance featured Ondaatje reading his works with dance performances by noted Canadian dance artists such as Andrea Nann, Robert Glumbek and Roberto Campanella among others. In 2007 HCA Dance Theatre commissioned and presented Displacement an interdisciplinary dance work featuring the choreography of Robert Glumbek, visual arts installations by Vessna Perunovich and music by composer Christos Hatzis. This exciting multi-media collaboration between three internationally acclaimed artists explored the immigrant experience. In the 2009/10 season Displacement was presented as part of Harbourfront’s Next Steps series and was voted #3 dance show of the season by Now Magazine’s Glen Sumi. In the 2010/2011 season HCADT presented Full Bloom at the Studio Theatre at Hamilton Place. Choreographed and performed by Kevin O’Day, Robert Glumbek and Luches Huddleston Jr., it is a poignant work which explores themes of mortality, strength, and personal freedom while all along questioning the role of men in society. In the summer of 2014 HCA Dance Theatre brought the acclaimed dance festival Dusk Dances to Hamilton’s Bayfront park. Dusk Dances is an outdoor dance festival that brings high quality contemporary and traditional dance to public parks. The festival takes place each night at sunset and begins with a local band that plays while the audience gathers. Once the band has finished the evening’s host leads the audience through the park to watch five diverse dance pieces that are performed in different areas of the park. HCA Dance Theatre will be presenting Dusk Dances Hamilton from July 30-August 1, 2015 in Bayfront Park

HCA Dance Theatre was founded in partnership with the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts (HCA) in 2001 as an incorporated, non-profit organization. As a founding partner, the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts has responded to the needs of HCA Dance Theatre providing essential support including:

– In kind sponsorship of rehearsal space, office space and staff costs

– Access to its 900 members, 300 concert subscribers and 30,000 monthly website visits. 

HCA continues its commitment to contribute income,in kind sponsorship and dissemination support bolstering the sustainability of HCA Dance Theatre activity.

HCA Dance Theatre benefits the community through its innovative partnership with HCA and by extension with Culture for Kids in the Arts, through shared values of innovation, inclusion and arts as a vehicle for civic engagement to bring quality arts programming to Hamilton and the surrounding region.  

HCA Dance Theatre Board of Directors and Staff 

HCA Dance Theatre Board  

Chair: Jay Robb  

Secretary: Amanda DeFreitas  

Treasurer: Josh Taylor

Josh Court 

Betti Sheldrick  

Syed Raza

HCA Dance Theatre Staff    

Founder and Artistic Director: Vitek Wincza    

Administrative Manager: Laura Kappel

Vitek Winczais the Artistic Director and Founder of  HCA Dance Theatre.  Wincza is a professional in the dance milieu with extensive achievements and recognition.  The Hamilton Nutcracker, choreographed and produced by Wincza, hosted 10,000 audience members over eight consecutive years and is often attributed with contributing to the development of dance in the community. 

Gary Smith from the Hamilton Spectator attests to Wincza’s role in establishing a dance audience in Hamilton and the calibre of his productions claiming, “the fact a Polish immigrant flush with love for his new home city, desperate to put down dance roots in the shadow of steel mills and a decaying downtown was inspired enough to spearhead a grand, large-scale Nutcracker is not just amazing.  It’s downright incredible.  …After years of making do with hand-me-down versions, some of them quite dreadful, Hamilton had a brilliant dance work entirely its own.”