Teaching Focus:

History, Piano, Theory

Svetlana Kopeleva’s musical journey began at the age of 7 as she entered Saratov Regional Music Academy in Russia. All the way through the Academy, she participated in many different piano competitions and activities on the local and state level. After moving to Canada and graduating from Mohawk College with a diploma in Applied Music, she earned a degree from McMaster University. Svetlana holds her ARCT Diploma in piano performance from The Royal Conservatory of Music and is a Registered Music Teacher with the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association.

Svetlana offers lessons to students of all levels and ages. She specializes in Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) exam preparation, as well as audition, festival and competition preparation. Svetlana is passionate about providing students with the opportunity to do and achieve anything they desire with music and become well-rounded musicians. Her goal is to enable students to make music independently and become self-sufficient learners. As a result, students can enjoy music for their own playing and/or choose to become professional musicians. She believes that piano lessons should be a part of every child’s curriculum, and that the benefits are immeasurable. With Mrs. Kopeleva’s teaching style, students not only learn music theory and musicianship, but they also learn important skills such as self-discipline. They are taught the benefits of staying committed to a long term goal, even when it isn’t always easy. Svetlana strongly believes that musical talent is a learned skill and has to be nurtured. Every child can be educated and the environment is the key.

Teaching Days: Monday, Thursday


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