The Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts invites you and your class to enjoy an integrated exploration of the arts for a full day field trip. We offer observational and hands-on learning for grades K-8 which connect with the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum.

HCA’s unique approach of children performing for children will spark student’s imagination and make the curriculum “come alive”. Through our field trips, students learn about history, geography, different cultures and nature through hands on arts experiences.


How It All Works

Students will begin their field trip experience in our Recital hall which is equipped with a stage, lighting and sets which transport participants into the subject they will be exploring. A quick “synopsis” of the story is told after which the group of students breaks into Group A and Group B.

Group B moves from the Recital Hall to our Children’s Art Studio to work on a curriculum linked visual arts project. These projects allow students the opportunity to explore a variety of mediums and technique in painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture related to their field trip theme.

Group A remains in the Recital Hall, where they work on the telling of the story through drama, dance and music. The children will have the opportunity to work with different musical instruments, dress up in costumes, and perform the story through the performing arts.

At the end of the morning, Group B will return to the Recital hall, where the children will share with one another what they have experienced. Group A will perform and following a lunch break the two groups switch over parts for the remainder of the afternoon. All children attending this hands-on experience will have the opportunity to engage in all of the arts, all day.


Each of HCA’s field trips is based on expectations listed in The Ontario Curriculum: The Arts and story themes are linked to Social Studies curriculum.

Please call 905-528-4020 or email for more information

“If all children in every school, from their entrance until graduation are given the opportunity to experience any creative art while keeping pace with their developing physical, mental and spiritual needs, the enrichment of their lives is immeasurable.”

Vitek Wincza, HCA Artistic Director


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