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Kindergarten, Primary

Travel with Lulie the Iceberg as he makes his way from the North Pole, and learn about the currents and creatures that he will encounter. After many exciting experiences, Lulie finds what he has been searching for, Penguins! Mimic the sounds of the animals using a variety of rhythm instruments. Dance as the frozen world awakes and join with the penguins to welcome Lulie to the Antarctic. Experiment with visual arts using a variety of water inspired materials.

Arts Curriculum Links

body awareness, using body parts, movements, space, levels, direction, time and tempo, energy and force.

role/character, using body, voice, and expression to portray emotion, developing relationship, identifying central themes in drama

listening, singing, moving, playing musical instruments, understanding dynamics and sound qualities.

understanding the elements of design; line, shape, form, space, colour, texture, value, repetition and rhythm. Experience a variety of materials and media.

Cross Curriculum Links

Children have a strong sense of identity and well-being. Children are connected to others and contribute to their world.

Children are effective communicators.

Young children have a conceptual understanding of mathematics and of mathematical thinking and reasoning.

Children are curious and connect prior knowledge to new contexts in order to understand the world around them.

Children make healthy choices and develop physical skills.

Young children have an innate openness to artistic activities

Children demonstrate an understanding of the importance of sustainability with people’s relationship with their environment and the consequences of sustainable and non-sustainable actions


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