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HCA Spring 2017 Newsletter
HCA Spring 2017 Newsletter Insert
HCA Fall 2016 Newsletter
HCA Fall 2016 Newsletter Insert

Memos to Parents and Students:
Winter Dance Recital Memo
Winter Dance Recital Schedule and Map
Creative Futures Feb Letter
Creative Futures Memo – May 6
Level III & IV Ballet – May Memo
Adult Ballet – May 16 Notice
Call for Year End Recital Volunteers
Tentative Recital Order
Recital Letter to Parents – May 26

The Sounds of the Holidays – Winter Music Gala Participant Letter

Musical Theatre Ensemble – Show Date Change Memo
Theatre Dept Notice-18May

Important information:
HCA Student & Parent Handbook
2016-17 Class Schedule

Unforeseen Closures
If it is necessary to close the HCA due to unforeseen circumstances (Snowstorms etc). HCA Administration will notify local media sources (CHCH, KLITE FM, and Cable 14) and change the outgoing message on our voicemail. An announcement will also be posted on the top of the front page.

HCA Concert Series
Special ticket pricing for the HCA Concert Series is available to HCA students, parents and teachers. Please see the list of concerts on our Events page. If you have any questions, or to purchase tickets, please speak with the front desk.