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Class Uniforms


Leotard or snug fitting attire (leggings and tanks accepted)


So Danca TS-74
Light Ballet Pink
So Danca TS-82
Light Pink Transition


Any light pink canvas ballet slipper

Advanced Adult Ballet


Class Run Date: September 13, 2018 - June 13, 2019

Class Time: Thursdays @ 8:30 – 9:45
Teacher: Eleanor
Age: 18 +

**pre-req of Intermediate Ballet or significant prior ballet experience required.

Ballet is the greatest foundation of any dance form. It teaches elements of balance and suspension, discipline and grace, movement dynamics and clarity of lines. It is an integral art form developed to enhance musicality, precision, spatial awareness and overall control of the mind, body and soul. The Ballet is Russian based and allows students to explore the Vaganova technique in a very open and safe environment, allowing dancers to excel towards their passion.

Student Details

Guardian Details and Preferences

There are times when the media runs stories of the activities at HCA, or we take photographs/video recordings to be kept on file and used in future promotional and/or informational brochures, posters, newsletters, web page, and advertisements for HCA and other related publications.

Note: If you are registering for a class after the initial class start date, the cost of the class will be pro-rated (based on the number of remaining weeks) during checkout.

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