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Students will develop artistic skills while exploring diverse mediums and styles, working from their own ideas towards creating original works of art. Taking inspiration from still life, photographs, books, movies and contemporary artists they will learn advanced drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking fundamentals and techniques. Students will be encouraged to experiment with different forms of representing their thoughts and visions creating work that is increasingly complex and creative.

This class is ideal for students who may have an interest in furthering their studies in an art and/or design focused high school, college or university, as they will work towards the development of a strong personal portfolio.

Teen Art I/II


Class Run Date: September 11, 2018 - June 11, 2019

Class Time: Tuesdays @ 6:00 – 7:30
Teacher: Giulia
Age: 12 to 15

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There are times when the media runs stories of the activities at HCA, or we take photographs/video recordings to be kept on file and used in future promotional and/or informational brochures, posters, newsletters, web page, and advertisements for HCA and other related publications.

Note: If you are registering for a class after the initial class start date, the cost of the class will be pro-rated (based on the number of remaining weeks) during checkout.

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