Teen Acting - 13+
Students further develop their acting foundation with introductions to various techniques. Through the basics of the Stanislavaski system- students learn about wants/objectives, through-line of action, sense memory, and place work. Further techniques will be introduced as students progress, may include Method, Meisner, and more. At the junior level students are introduced to directing techniques and writing scenes. Each student will be given the opportunity to act in at least one 2-5 minute scene or monologue that spotlights them individually, within the play or production or separately.
Ages Class Level Time
13+ yrsTeen ActingThurs. 7:00 - 8:00
  TEEN ACTING 13+ Teen Acting students will continue to build on their foundational skills through an introduction to various acting techniques. Students will continue to study improv and work with scripts, and will be introduced to key ideas, including wants/objectives, conflict and tactics. Students will challenge each other by working as an ensemble to create compelling characters and scenes.   Term 1: Improv & Character Work Term 2: Monologues & Scenes Term 3: The Rehearsal Process Note: Teen Acting culminates in a final end-of-year invited presentation in June.