Art Foundation

The Teens Art Foundation Program started at the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts in 1999 and has worked with over 100 students since its beginning. It aims to introduce students ages 12 – 18 with a passion for developing their artistic skills to the principles of art. The overall program is designed with year-to-year curriculum progressions to allow students to flourish over a period of time until the point of post-secondary school preparation and acceptance. The classes have been enthusiastically embraced by its participating students, on average seeing their return each year until graduating from the program.

The curriculum generally focuses on developing fundamental drawing skills with a multi-media project assignment in printmaking, sculpture and painting at the end of each 12-week term. Students receive a report card and participate in a final exhibition in the HCA Main Gallery at the end of the year.

Ages Class Level Time
12 - 15Teen Art I/IIThurs. 6:00 - 7:30
16+Teen Art III/IVThurs. 7:30 - 9:00

Art Foundation I/II

The beginning of the Art Foundation I/II program ensures the students’ experience of the program and passion for developing their skill is exciting and interesting, creating the aspiration to further develop their skills in subsequent terms.  In principle, each term aims to introduce a basic drawing skill focus with an application project in painting, sculpture or printmaking at the end of each term. At the end of each year, students will have experienced all mediums.  Students are exposed to a variety of tools, materials and techniques that will create a general comfort for their future use and development.  To round out our program, we look at historical and contemporary works of art for a deeper appreciation of the influence and impact visual arts has on our lives.  This class is well received from year to year by an enthusiastic group of young teenagers who collectively learn and work together each week.

Art Foundation III/IV

Developing the skills that have been learned in both the Art Foundation I/II program and the student’s secondary school art class, here the focus is to continue to develop their proficiency with visual arts.  Quite often this class is a focused group with aspirations of applying to post-secondary visual arts and applied arts programs. Curriculums are flexible in that they aim to cater to the individual student’s portfolio needs, requirements and progression goals.  Each term continues to develop the sophistication of drawing and seeing with an application project in painting, sculpture and printmaking at the end of each term.  Guest artists occasionally teach workshop classes to further develop the students’ specific knowledge of materials, tools and techniques.  Figure drawing is a focus for this program. Life drawing is often a goal for most students, in preparation for post-secondary school.  Nearing the final year of the overall program, independent projects and concepts are encouraged and supported.  Reference to historical and contemporary works of art is an integral part of the program.  This class is a great way to work with like-minded students who work together to prepare for post-secondary school.