“I never thought it would take 12 classes, 2 hours each, to complete a painting (a masterpiece). Alex is a great teacher who instructs us in the techniques of the great masters – of course, this takes enormous time, we are shown how to see the details, how to obtain the depth and proportion the masters painted with. Alex himself paints in this manner and because of this is able to teach us these skills.”
– James Hunt

“Alex is the teacher I have been waiting for, for 15 years!!  He is Russian, passionate about art, charming, a caring and dedicated teacher. His training is superb, coming from a family of artists, and in studying under the rigorous education favoured by Russian art schools.His two classes meet once a week in the “garret” and the Beginner Still Life class spends the entire 10 to 12 weeks on one still life painting!  He describes the Old Masters techniques as “sculpting the image out of the canvas”. It is a labour of love, observation and almost meditation. When Alex takes us to see Old Masters paintings at  the Art Gallery of Ontario, instead of just being in awe of their work, now we can say  “ Hey,  we know how to do that!” I want his school to succeed, as quite simply – I want to take more of his classes. “
– Diana Gordon

“Realism is seeing what we see, but Alex teaches us to see even invisible things too. This is a good opportunity to learn we are happy to have him.”
– Jennifer Lee

 “I was pleased – and surprised – to note the degree of progress all of the students were able to make during the course. As a beginner, I found the course a demanding, but also a very rewarding experience. The instructor, Alex Dzuybko-Doyle, helped us all very much in learning to begin to see the subject material much more clearly and in greater detail – the key to learning realistic art.”
– Peter van Brakel

“I am very happy with what we all have accomplished in the last year and feel very privaleged to have Alex instructing us. I have never used oil paints before this Classical Realism Class, but, have enjoyed learning how to use them to produce slow emerging images that progress into something amazing. When Alex showed us his paintings, I thought I would not be able to produce such realistic paintings. But with him teaching us step-by-step, with Old Masters techniques, time, and patience, the paintings definitely speak for themselves. I now feel more confident in myself and my passion for art. I am very thankful for Alex and what he is teaching us.”
– Sacha Slade

“If you are looking to greatly improve your art and learn the right way of doing things, the Classical Realism Course is for you! I became greatly disciplined. Prepare for the most learning rich art experience! I personally have improved in my attention to details within my abstract portfolio. No matter where your artistic development is, Alex will show you the way to a new and improved artistic you. He cannot teach you to be an artist, but he can teach you how to become a Master Painter.”
– Jillian Wisborg

“My whole life I wanted to paint but had no luck on how or where I can learn until, I met Alex. Alex has the patience to show you how to paint with passion and love. I would highly recommend anyone to join this course either amateur or professional.”
– Reshad

“Alex’s strengths are in his knowledge of the works of the Masters and his ability to translate the techniques to his students in the steps that allow one to filter the process and reinforce the process.”
– Anonymous

“Alex’s strengths lie within his Technical knowledge of the course he teaches. He illustrates at a level, that we are able to understand and then apply to our paintings. His knowledge of the Masters & the Arts allows him to explain on many levels. He’s the perfect instructor. The more you seek, the more he delivers.”
– Anonymous