Visual Arts Faculty
Victoria Long-Wincza
Visual Arts Coordinator vavickybioFollowing the completion of her BFA from McMaster University, Victoria has worked with the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts as a Visual Arts Instructor and Education Coordinator for close to 15 years.  She is an original faculty member of the HCA Children’s Arts Exploration Program and Culture for Kids in the Arts Mentorship program, which together has introduced over 55,000 children from visiting regional and local School Boards to visual arts, dance, drama and music.  Victoria is the Program Coordinator for Culture for Kids in the Arts (CKA), a charitable organization facilitated at the Hamilton Conservatory dedicated to providing access to quality arts programs to Hamilton children and youth.  Project participation and coordination include the HCA Gallery, Hamilton Nutcracker Art Exhibition Series (2001- 2004), Chamber Music Hamilton (2000 – 2005), HCA Dance Theatre Displacement Project (2007 – 2009), HCA Kinder Arts Exploration Program and the Culture for Kids in the Arts CONNECT Project, After School Arts Program and Artasia.Lucy Gerritsen Beardwood

Lucy Gerritsen Beardwood spent her formative years in Flamborough and Burlington, Ontario. After finishing University in 1983 she lived in Japan for 3 months, studying traditional woodblock printing and papermaking.

As a leader in the art community, Beardwood served on the Board of Directors for the Hamilton Artists Inc. for 5 years and administrated the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas for two years. As an artist concerned with world issues Gerritsen travelled to Costa Rica in 1987 with a development agency.

Throughout her career, Beardwood has continually worked in various mediums, creating woodblock prints, paintings and sculpture that reflect her appreciation of nature and our environment; her concern for the earth and the human condition.
She has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Hamilton and Toronto. She has also completed various commissioned works in Canada and Costa Rica.

Alexander Dzuybko
Classical Realism

Alexander Dzuybko was born in Russia to a family of artists. He attended the Art Academy in St. Petersberg (Russia), and graduated from Art College. In addition to his regular scholastic program, he spent more than ten years studying the techniques of Old Masters, among them Rembrandt, Vermeer, Bouguereau, Tchistiakov and Savisnski. . Alexander is an expert at techniques developed in schools ranging from the Italian Renaissance to Flemish and Dutch masters and art academies of the 19th and 20th century. As well, he is a devoted follower and ex-student of renowned Russian artist Yuri Skorikov.  Alexander has many aspiring students and followers. He teaches workshops and seminars for many individuals and art groups, semi-professionals and professional artists. His greatest motivation is his own successful artistic career and belief that the need exists to reveal many missing links in today’s art education. His knowledge and teaching method provide his students with a solid foundation for the development of their drawing and painting skills and also encourages them to establish their own artistic style.